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The NextHome Podcast

Nov 18, 2021

Jeff Petsche of NextHome Solutions in Southern California has mastered the art of building relationships with clients and agents. In this fast-paced episode, Imran and Jeff talk about his methods of how he has not only created a tremendous referral-based business but has shifted his mindset from ROI (Return On...

Nov 12, 2021

NextHome recently announced a partnership where NextHomies now have RealScout as part of their toolbox to help their clients find their Next Home.

RealScout's co-founder, Andrew Flachner, returns to the pod to talk about the evolution of the company and why buyers have found RealScout to be such a valuable benefit to...

Nov 4, 2021

Katey Dallosto, a coach, author and speaker joins us to talk about how most agents don't enjoy being coached AT ALL. Yet, it can be some of the most amazing growth opportunities for themselves and their business. Katey has seen it all in helping some of the highest-producing agents in our industry.

Give us a listen as...